Our Services

Pest Control: To protect your property from pests requires a multistep program. Comprehensive inspections and treatment are required for general household pest such as cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, mice and ants. Programs include treatments both inside and out to prevent these pest problems.

Once-A-Year Treatment: This approach includes strategic placement of special baiting technology to rid your home of insects. Treatment areas include around windows, doors, and other entry points. Plumbing pipes and voids behind face plates are also treated. The program comes with unlimited callbacks during the contract period.

Bi-Monthly or Monthly: This approach includes placement of special sprays along baseboards, windows, and other entry points. This program is limited to one callback per contract period.

Quarterly Pest Control: This approach includes placement of baits inside the home in areas that harbor insects inside. The outside barrier is established using granules and liquids. A less intrusive option is to concentrate the service application on the outside barrier, and only apply baits and granules inside on request.

Subterranean Termite Treatments: All treatments have an agreement that may be renewed each year for up to 5 years provided A-2-Z completes a visual re-inspection. Repair warranties are available.

Rodents: Proper inspection is paramount for rodent control by identifying the species and entry points into the structure. Once exclusion of entry points has been completed then trapping or other methods of control can be administered.